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March 26, 2021

User and customer experience design services

Beauty is all very well, but above all you need to know what your users need in order to maximize your investment. My expertise lies in helping you design engaging experiences for your users.


I offer rapid advice, detailed feedback, at all stages of the product or service development lifecycle. Finding problems and recommending changes to transform frustrating products and services into intuitive, engaging experiences. All this while meeting corporate objectives and aligning them perfectly with user needs.

With over 15 years' experience, I'm used to coaching, popularizing and presenting prototypes. I accompany companies and teams, from the execution of usability tests to workshops.

Are you a company?

Let's face it, the work of a UX designer comes at a price! Don't think of user experience as a cost, think of it as an investment. UX is a powerful marketing lever that should be given constant attention. Putting a website online doesn't mean the end of the work. On the contrary, by analyzing how it's used, we'll discover new areas for improvement.
There's no denying that having a good experience sets you apart from the competition and builds customer loyalty. Customer experience is essential to any business. I'll help you choose the right methodology to suit your budget and schedule.


Are you a company in dire need of help? I can help you design your product from your customers' point of view.


I analyze your applications or websites to improve usability. I conduct usage studies with your customers to optimize the user experience.

Are you an agency?

As an agency, you're likely to have talented designers capable of creating website or mobile application designs. But you don't necessarily have the user experience resources needed to help your projects and your customers achieve their goals.


I support agencies in their complex projects with high business stakes. I also take the opportunity to train or raise awareness of user experience among their teams. I work directly and collaboratively with your teams and customers.


It often happens in the life of an agency that we need reinforcements. With over 15 years' experience in a service company, I'm used to advising and supporting companies.

Why work together

Over the past ten years, I've worked with listed companies, cooperatives and start-ups;
I focus on meeting your business objectives and your customers' needs;
I understand and adapt to your technological environment;
Always on the lookout for new trends and influencers, I'm constantly testing new tools.

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