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A passionate and experienced designer, I'm dedicated to creating meaningful and captivating user experiences.

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About me

With a keen eye for detail, a love of innovation and my background, I always strive to create designs that meet objectives. I intervene to make an impact in companies or projects.

Portrait of Emilien Edmond - Senior Product designer

For me, design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about solving problems and enhancing the human experience.

I believe in a user-centered design approach that puts users' needs first, but forgets about business objectives.

Through in-depth research, information gathering and understanding of the target audience, every design decision is based on empathy and understanding. I like to work by involving teams to create better designs that leave a lasting impact.

Collaboration and open communication are essential to working closely together.

Сlients with whom I was lucky to cooperate


Bombardier Logo


QUebecor logo


Logo of e-commerce agency Novatize


Logo white of UEAT (Saas Company) in blue background


Logo white in red background of Cofomo comapny.

Government of Quebec

LOgo of Government of Quebec on Blue background


LOgo inbe in white in green bg



Lead Product Designer

(Jan 2022 – current)

Tite chouette toys

Founder - E-commerce

(Sep 2020 – current)


Product designer Senior

(Feb 2021– Jan 2022)


Associated - Product designer Senior

(Nov 2017 – Oct 2020)


Designer UX/UI senior - Consultant

(Mar 2008 – Current)

Savoir-faire Linux

Lead designer UX

(Nov 2012 – avr 2017)

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